In the wings

Merry (very late) Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi all,

Sorry once again for the delay in between posts and I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year! It’s been a hectic time in the tattoo studio and time for screen printing has been at a premium.

I’ve managed a couple of sessions since December and I’m currently working on a new project with Jesse Singleton. I’m using some designs he has done for the project and, after screen printing the original drawing, I’m then screen printing patterns and colour on them to create, what I think, is something awesome! What I love is that it still maintains the elements that make it recognisable as Jesse’s work but with a colourful, screen printed twist.

Piel De Lobo is also working on new clothing with designs from myself (@susannatattoo), Jesse (@jesse_singleton), Ro (@rothorpetattoo), Lol (@lolbecktattoo) and Cvetelina (@cvetelinaemilova) and I’ve included a sneak peek of a few of the designs below for you!

The other thing we are doing is working with Stag & Raven (@stagandraven) who sell art work in Manchester and online. If you haven’t already, go and check them out and all the awesome work they sell! We’re creating some exclusive designs for them and have a few projects in the pipeline with them so watch this space!

I’ll try and do another update soon!






Crafty Fox Preperation

Hi everyone,

We’ve been busy working on new pieces and designs for the Crafty Fox Christmas Market at the Geffrye Museum on December 1st! Screen printing has been in overdrive along with all the prep work that goes on behind the scenes.

We’ve created some stunning greetings cards, which will be exclusively sold at the market, and a selection of gift tags, bookmarks, limited edition screen prints and a variety of other stuff.

We’re looking forward to the market as it’s a good opportunity for us to meet a bunch of the other artistic people in London and a great chance to meet all our lovely customers face to face!

Below is a few sneak peeks of the work we’ve created and we hope you all enjoy it!

The PDL Team



A Quick Update

Hi all,

I’ve been busy squireling away at the East London Print Makers (IG: @eastlondonprint) working on all my latest projects and ideas. We’re going to be a the Crafty Fox Christmas Market (IG: @craftyfoxmarket) this year on December 1st at the Geffrye Museum and that means I’ve had to kick in to overdrive to get everything prepared.

One of the things I’m really looking forward to printing for the market will be individual, hand printed, sheets of wrapping paper. I’ve got the paper cut to size and hope to start printing it later on this week. Along with that I’ll be making an assortment of greetings cards, bookmarks, prints and anything else I can think of between now and then.

Hopefully see you all at the market and I’ll give you another update as soon as I get a chance!



Service Interruption!

I’m back again! Sorry for the ridiculously long delay between posts. When I first started screen printing again, I was determined to post about it regularly, create beautiful prints, carry on exhibiting for galleries, keep up with my very busy schedule of tattooing and spend time with my family. It was pretty silly of me to think I could keep all that going… So one or two things had to give and, unfortunately, keeping this section of the site up to date was one of them.

However, I now have things a bit more organised. East London Print Makers were moving site during the summer which gave me a little bit of down time to get everything sorted. They open again on the 1st October so I’ll be able to get back to printing! Up until the summer most of the designs I managed to print were sold before I was able to get them online, hence why there are only a few items left in stock. From now on though, I’ll make sure every new piece of artwork I create will be going onto the website so that there’s a nice and well stocked store. I’ve got a few originals on the website for you, as well as what’s left of everything else.

I’ve got a few originals on the website for you, as well as what’s left of everything else, and I’ll be getting more stuff online for you guys in October. More to follow!





Magpies and Japanese patterns

Things are going well, I’ve been going to the Open access at the East London Print Makers in Hackney almost every week since the beginning of this screen printing project.

I’m loving the craft. Every step of this hand made printing technique is beautiful.

The result is great, I think. In this blog post I’m showing some of the artwork with an illustration of a Magpie I did with crosshatching combined with a classic Japanese pattern, using different colours and papers to create a bunch of art prints that were similar and part of the same series but never exactly the same.


I hope you like it as much as I do!