Scratchline Tattoo is the tattoo studio that started Piel De Lobo. The artists use their experience as tattooists to create the work you see on Piel De Lobo. All of them are extremely talented and like to specialise in their respective styles.

We have a talented illustrative specialist in Susanna whose style of cross hatch shading sets her apart from the everyday artists.

We also have Jesse who takes pattern work to a whole new level. Be it tibetan, thai, Polynesian, Maori, sacred patterns or geometric, Jesse can take an kind of pattern and turn it into something incredible.

Ro is our resident Japanese and black and grey specialist. Although she can tattoo anything you care to mention, she excels best when creating a bold Japanese scene on skin.

Anna is another of our accomplished tattooist’s and she loves bold, coloured, neo-traditional tattoos. Again, she can tattoo whatever you care to ask for, but loves to tattoo a modern classic.

Finally we have our watercolour specialist Bartt. He loves to take your idea and create a colourful, abstract masterpiece that lives on your skin instead of a canvas.

Whatever you’d like to get tattooed the Scratchline team are always willing to talk to you about it and give some good, honest advice. Our primary aim is to ensure, wherever you get tattooed, that you get the best tattoo possible!